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Washington has always been proud of his New Orleans roots, and the distinctive cuisine that is native to the area. But he wanted to create a food product that differed from the typical gumbo, jambalaya and similar foodstuffs. Early on, in his apartment kitchen, Washington prepared his family-recipe salad for cooking demonstrations that took him all over California. Tasters' reactions confirmed what he had always thought: people of all backgrounds and races love "authentic" New Orleans food. To everyone's amazement, Washington ended his conservative accounting career to make potato salad!

Sold primarily at supermarket deli counters as Creole Potato Salad (served by deli clerks), when it was introduced in Northern California, Bill's Creole Potato Salad became the fastest selling food item in Lucky's supermarket (now Albertson's) deli history! The salad's tremendous popularity and ever increasing line-up of retail customers has propelled Bill Washington to entrepreneurial success.

Visit Bill Washington's web site ( ) or contact us frequently to see if his authentic Creole Potato Salad is sold in your area. New locations and new cities and states are added weekly to Bill's list of clients. If not carried in your area, ask your local store's deli department manager "why not?"

Continuing his desire to create and market tasty and innovative New Orleans recipes, Bill will soon introduce his Sweet Potato/Pecan Cookies - a jazzy blend of yams and his secret spices. Bill "jams with some yams!"

Facilities in Alabama and Oakland, CA enable New Orleans Bill's Creole Foods to service wholesale customers nationwide. The zesty salad is sold to wholesale distributors under two brand names - "New Orleans Bill's" and "Mother Dear's." To obtain wholesale information, E-mail New Orleans Bill ( e-mail protected from spam bots ) or visit the wholesale page on the web site.

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